by Brocade Official

“We believe in change, we believe in growth, we believe in us, we believe in youth, we believe in you.”


An influencer meet followed by a fashion runway with eight models held by Brocade Official, on January 30 choreographed by Barsha Bhandari.
The event no Internet by brocade vol.1 is scheduled to start at 5:00 pm of the evening where the prior meet up with the invited influencers will be held at cafe cucina, followed by brocade special meal plan of the day. After a brief meeting and dinner with the team, all the invites are welcomed to the store where they are welcomed by music, by DJ David lho. The main motto of the event is to launch our Racing Edition and to promote the culture of streetwear in Nepal.

About the event
With a motto of creating a mark, respecting the hip hop culture here in Nepal. Brocade official in collaboration with Barsha Bhandari planned an event at Brocade store, Jhamshikhel on the 30th of January 2023. The inaugural racing edition by Brocade will be unveiled to the public as scheduled once the guests have dispersed from the meet-up season from the cafe, and three of the racing
edition's colors—Green, Red, and Yellow—will be on display on the ground floor by the models as the DJ plays music. The fourth racing jacket in the color pink is shown to the public, followed by other models who are on the upper floor. The first sequence comes to a conclusion when the runway displays all four jackets.
With an interval of thirty minutes in between the models are given the time to change their outfits and the look for the next sequence in which the models will be displaying the collection from our recent drop of no internet. After each model is done with the choreographed runway,The Designer, the CEO of Brocade and the choreographer will be called to the runway.

Followed by a speech from The CEO of brocade Mr. Sabi Bhandari and the designer and the owner of Brocade Mrs. Alisha Gauchan. With this the show will officially come to an end .

Models For the Runway

● Sushana Shrestha
● Sanjeev Maharjan
● Shrijal Bikram Shah
● Silika Maharjan
● Sonal Shrestha
● Yukta
● Alin KC
● Kshitij Shrestha
Makeup artist and stylist for the event
● Sarishma MUA and team