diploma course payment

To make the course accessible and convenient for aspiring fashion designers, we have designed a flexible payment structure. Upon enrollment in the "Brocade Elegance: A 45-Day Intensive Fashion Design Diploma Course," students are required to make a 50% down payment of the total course fee that is RS.90,000/-. This initial payment allows students to secure their spot in the program and demonstrates their commitment to embarking on this transformative journey.

The remaining 50% of the course fee is due at the completion of the program. This payment is scheduled after the successful completion of the 45-day course, ensuring that students have gained the full benefit of the comprehensive curriculum, practical experience, and expert guidance provided by Brocade Official.

We believe that this payment structure offers financial flexibility to our students while maintaining a fair balance. It allows students to manage their financial commitments and make the final payment after they have completed the course and are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the fashion industry.

Please note that specific payment details and arrangements may vary based on the policies and guidelines set by Brocade Official or the institution offering the program. It is advisable to reach out to them directly to obtain accurate and up-to-date information regarding the payment structure and any associated terms and conditions.

We aim to make the Diploma course accessible to passionate individuals, and we look forward to welcoming dedicated students who are eager to explore the world of fashion design.